Moheb Baspar Petrochemical Company Idea GostarManufacturer of durable polystyrene (HIPS)   

  • Date of Establishment: 2015/6/16
  • Type of legal entity: Private joint stock company
  • Registration number: 13532
  • National ID: 14005015373
  • Economic Code: 41148618781

CEO of Moheb Baspar Idea Gostar

Mr. Hassan Haj Hosseini

Company Activity

Moheb Baspar Idea Gostar Company was established in 1982 and is active in the production of durable polystyrene (HIPS).

Type of activity: ProductionActivity field: Production of polystyreneHistory: Moheb Baspar Idea Gostar Petrochemical started its activity on 7/27/1695 and on 4/25/2017 succeeded in obtaining an exploitation license number 2218/1396 to operate in the field of production of polystyrene.


Production of type 2 in the field of 03- Advanced materials and products based on chemical technologies from 11/13/1397

The construction stages of Moheb Baspar Idea Gostar Petrochemical started in 2013 in Mahmoudabad Industrial Town and were put into operation in November 2015. All stages of design, construction and operation of this complex have been done with the efforts of Iranian experts of Moheb Group and this complex is the first special unit for the production of durable polystyrene in the country. This complex has a production capacity of 48,000 tons per year and has the ability to produce various selections of this product. The main application of the products of this industrial unit is in the manufacture of home appliances, sanitary ware, medical equipment and disposable tableware.