Factors affecting the price of dioctyl phthalate in the domestic market

price of dioctyl phthalate

The price of dioctyl phthalate is determined based on various factors. Now, the greater the impact of these factors, the higher the price of this product. Of course, some companies that produce this chemical have lost money; Therefore, to compensate for the lack of need, DOP is imported and distributed from foreign countries that produce this chemical.

Factors affecting the price of DOP

Raw material

Dioctyl phthalate is produced with two raw materials phthalic anhydride and diethyl hexanol. The price of the latter raw material is important and is effective in determining the price of the final product. Diethylhexanol does not have a fixed price and therefore the price of the final product fluctuates and is not fixed.

DOP Raw materials

DOP Raw materials

Economic fluctuations

Economic fluctuations also affect the price of chemical raw materials, and the more severe the fluctuations, the more the price of dioctyl phthalate will change.

It is affordable for you to buy Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP) from Moheb Baspar Company. The company selects the raw materials of the product from the best materials and produces the final product. Buying dioctyl phthalate (DOP) can sometimes be difficult due to economic fluctuations. By selling dioctyl phthalate (DOP) and exporting it, you can generate revenue in the event of a surplus. However, at a time when the country is facing a shortage of this important chemical, it is necessary to address this shortage by purchasing bulk dioctyl phthalate (DOP).

Relationship between supply and demand affecting the price of dioctyl phthalate

The relationship between supply and demand affects the prices of other products. The lower the supply and the higher the demand, the higher the price of the product.

DOP uses

DOP uses

The price of dioctyl phthalate in the commodity exchange

This material is offered by domestic manufacturing companies and a part of it is put up for auction in the commodity exchange. The price of this material is competitive and that is why most companies mention its price as low. The price of dioctyl phthalate in the domestic market is unpredictable, which is why sellers will announce the price of this substance based on the market situation in the coming months.

Different companies offer their products on the commodity exchange and that is why the DOP price is not fixed.

High production volume and DOP price

Since dioctyl phthalate is used in various industries, it can be claimed that the consumption of this substance is very high and has a high price.

Some companies do not produce this product because it is unprofitable. Since the need is more than the supply, it is necessary to buy this chemical from foreign countries and keep its price low in the domestic market.

Prohibition and lifting of prohibition due to meeting domestic needs

Since the price of dioctyl phthalate is high and due to meeting domestic needs, when faced with shortages, this substance can be consumed domestically.

This vital material can be exported to other countries at a time when domestic production is much higher than domestic needs.

DOP Production companies

DOP Production companies

Target industries and DOP pricing

Since this substance is used in many industries, all domestic manufacturing companies must produce this important chemical at its full capacity. In the priority, domestic consumption is important to the export of this product and this can prevent the loss of resources.

After meeting the domestic demand, it can be exported in case of surplus products. The global production of dioctyl phthalate is 3 billion kg per year. It is clear that the market is pristine and profitable; Therefore, Iranian chemical companies can make the necessary investments in this field to get a good income from this chemical to the Iranian export and trade sector.

  • Shoe industry
  • Painting
  • Hose making
  • Toys Manufacturing
  • Cable manufacturing
  • Granulation
  • Round glass strip
  • Chemical
  • Rubber Manufacturing
  • Plasticization

Investment in the production of dioctyl phthalate

If the necessary investments are made in the production of this material, it is possible to prevent the loss of some factories and produce this material in bulk. Looking at the consumer industries, you will see that the first task of chemical companies is to produce dioctyl phthalate so that its price does not increase. Some industries even consume more than usual and it is necessary to have large production plans to meet their needs.


Dioctyl phthalate is one of the most important chemicals used in many industries. Of course, it should be noted that it is necessary to close the industrial units that produce this product. Also, other industrial units have been opened in their place or the necessary investments have been made to increase the production capacity of other chemical production units so that there is no shortage in this regard in the country.

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